Needs To Understand The Following Factors Before Purchasing CNC Pipe Bender


Focus on the development of aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment manufacturing, and other high-end CNC pipe bender and technology projects to gradually increase the Chinese high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing complete sets of equipment of the independent development ability, to meet the basic needs of the domestic industry of equipment manufacturing. "

As one of the national key support industries, in recent years, the government has invested a large amount of funds for the development of the aerospace industry's large aircraft. These R & D is in all aspects, we draw out with the pipe bending machine mold related aspects of the analysis, focus on the use of structural parts of the material. So what are the factors that we need to consider when buying a pipe bending machine? Below by Jiangyin Hongye machinery professional introduce:A, pipe bending machine workpiece factors. Still relatively improve the adaptability of machining the workpiece in to this professional mould and bender before must for processing workpiece good consideration. In the above, tonnage, small size is the most basic requirements, and ensure the high efficiency, of course, also according to the workpiece size, if the workpiece size is too large, to buy their own work table is too small can not work, so we should work to consider, but in the application of difference, some are professional, to the pipe bending machine and mold, which is a one-time cost of investment, in other work can then use.Two, saving material factors.

The main work is the material into the spare parts to be used, but in the use of materials in the process, some bending machine and bending machine tool use of waste material and thus increase the cost, taken into account and some in the use of the process, to achieve the material saving of, so the factors must also to be considered.Three, operational factors. Because for bending machine operating performance but also related to the production of human and technical inputs, and invested in this area at the same time, nature also can increase the cost of inputs, the current in the operation of the above have a lot of different classification, so if is a professional processing, or a lot of workpiece, or should consider buying a easy control of pipe bending machine, because it works at the same time, reduce the input number of control personnel and technology content, naturally reduce the production cost.

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