Teach You How To Adjust The Mandrel Pipe Bender

mandrel pipe bender in the dynamic characteristics of machine tool workpiece can automatic recognition and processing speed, and bending machine speed is very fast. The effect is also very good, another point is the actual operation is very convenient, only need to use numerical control system in the control terminal input parameters can make the machine in accordance with requirements of the scheduled to complete the bending process, and can be more intuitive to see the whole bending process. This not only greatly enhance the work efficiency of the designer, but also saves the test stage investment interest cost. So how to bend core conditioning pipe bending machine to work? The following table and mechanical experts to answer your questions:A pipe is needed before flaring, remove the pipe cutting opening, otherwise the mandrel is inserted into the.Two, the tube needs lubrication;Three, the mandrel insert higher requirement, adjust the trouble. But in the bending process, sometimes two adjacent corners of the smaller distance, such as: hanger tube bending and so on, this time, still using the coreless roll round pipe, appear the positioning clamping device and the outer roller installation space lack.Such as: the two corners of the straight line distance between 72mm and the core roller hydraulic bending machine routine cannot achieve, usually by a core hydraulic pipe bender. In order to solve the above problem, we design a CNC automatic bending machine. To solve the two adjacent bend distance is smaller under the condition of the non mandrel, which has a certain universal significance.

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