About Us

About Us


Company Profile

We are a Taiwanese joint venture pipe processing machinery manufacturer

Our company occupies an area of more than 20,000 square meters, has strong research and development capability and is also equipped with complete equipment of high precision.



28+ years

production experience


exported countries



Mechanical Equipment And Application

We have successfully developed series of micro-computer controlled DW, SW pipe bending machine, pipe-end forming machine,Auto-loading pipe cutting machine, Automatic Robot loading pipe bending machine and other automatic pipe processing machinery. With the high technology and creativity, We can also do non-standard machine by your request.

Our products are widely used in shipbuilding, Auto parts, furniture, fitness equipment, boilers,bicycles, motorcycles, petrochemical processing, plumbing, sanitation, bathing industries.

And other process industries.

Honor Certificate

Our products have acquired the ISO9001: 2015 international quality systerm.

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ISO9001: 2015年

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

ISO9001: 2015年

CE Certificate

CE Certificate

Company Culture

Our Mission

Create Value for Customers with First-class Quality and Service.

Our Vision

We are committed to building the first brand of pipeline processing machinery in China.

Historical Process

In the future, TLM GLOBAL will continue to upgrade its brand, marketing and services


The Zhangjiagang government established Qinpeng machinery factory.


Cooperate with Taiwan well-known pipe bending machine factory and set up a new company (Telhoo Machinery-“TLM”).


Buy a series of high-precision processing equipment, and become a partner of a well-known airplane manufacturer.


A famous Taiwan mold designer became the CTO of our company. Also our  product Successfully enter China's shipbuilding industry.

Max processing capacity to 325mm tube.


Become well-known car companies`s partner-Honda(china), Toyota(china), Volkswagen(china), changcheng(china).


After many years of development and efforts, CNC pipe bending machine enter the market, Successfully as China's high-speed rail cooperation partner.


Export to at least 65 countries around the world, including the United States, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England,southeast Asia,India and so on…


In order to follow up 4.0 industrial trends,The technical department developed “full automatic Robot pipe bending machine”, “automatic loading and feeding pipe cutting machine” such as high efficiency pipe processing equipment.


In order to better expand the overseas market,established “Telhoo holding limited” in Hong Kong.


Cooperate with well-known university in China, using high-tech talent at the university for developing new products.


Estabished export company(Kunling manufactur company)for expand product range line.


TLM with mission and responsibility will make our product better...