Common problems in oil change of hydraulic pipe bender

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  The hydraulic pipe bender is a new type of pipe bending tool with pipe bending function and lifting function. The hydraulic pipe bender needs to change the lubricating oil regularly during use, and the common problems in the oil change process are mainly manifested in three aspect.


  First, for parts that use high-viscosity lubricating oil, changing the oil to low-viscosity lubricating oil will affect the sealing performance of the corresponding box and shaft hole to a certain extent, and sometimes greatly reduce the sealing performance of these parts. .
  Second, if the oil tank is not cleaned when changing the oil, the dirt in the oil tank may enter the lubrication system, block the oil circuit, wear the seals, and cause oil leakage.
  Third, the oil is added too much when changing the oil, especially in the parts with rotating parts, due to the stirring effect of the rotating parts, oil spills are more likely to occur.