Performance advantages of automatic pipe bending machine

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  The automatic pipe bender equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, economical and practical, and is especially suitable for various engineering standard sections, steel bar centralized processing plants and other steel bar batch processing occasions. The pipe cutting machine counter can set the number of cutting times, and it will automatically stop after cutting. The automatic pipe cutting machine is an automatic mechanical cutting equipment. The feeding method is generally divided into hydraulic feeding and servo motor feeding. There are two kinds of fully automatic pipe cutting machines in the mainstream market, one is for the pipe without moving the knife, the so-called new pipe cutting machine, and the other is for the knife to move the pipe without moving, the so-called traditional pipe cutting machine sawing machine. The following briefly talk about the performance advantages of the automatic pipe bender:


  1. It can bend various shapes of steel bars back and forth at the same time or independently, greatly improving efficiency and working speed, reducing manpower and costs.

  2. The head of the automatic pipe bending machine has a compact structure, a wide range of steel bar processing, digital control of the bending length of the steel bar, fast response to the movement of the head, and high positioning accuracy.

  3. The automatic pipe bending machine has an automatic moving system, driven by a servo motor and rack and pinion, with small errors and fast response.

  4. The electronic control system can adopt PLC programmable control, which can realize the functions of automatic pattern recognition, graphic editing, and technical management of network failures.

  5. The bracket of the automatic pipe bender and the guide rail of the body bending platform adopt high-strength movable guide rails, which are durable and not easily deformed.


  In addition, the automatic ruler device of the automatic bending machine is used to determine the position of the end of the steel bar. The automatic positioning controlled by the servo motor does not require manual measurement and fixation. The positioning accuracy is high, safe and reliable. It has an automatic locking mechanism to ensure the positioning of the end of the steel bar. Accuracy. The rotating baffle of the equipment automatically avoids the steel bars to ensure the accuracy of the steel bars.